Acoustical Consulting

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Marshall/KMK serves as consultant in architectural acoustics to architects, engineers and owners under-taking new construction and renovation projects. The firm’s expertise relates to matters of scale, sitting and adjacencies; construction systems and methods; materials and finishes; performance standards; and quality checkpoints. Working directly with the design team, we present our recommendations in conferences, letter-reports and drawings.  In unusual projects, computer modeling and auralization studies can be used to assist in the analysis of acoustic behavior of varying design options. 

Our checkpoints include review of drawings and specifications at all phases of project design, review of shop drawings and appropriate submittals during construction, and performance of final tests and adjustments in completed projects.  As a member of the National Council of Acoustical Consultants M/KMK welcomes the opportunity to collaborate with other specialists in the field. Mr. Marshall collaborates regularly

Room Acoustics:
We advise on room sizes, shapes and finishes appropriate to distribute sound uniformly, control echoes, and permit proper reverberation time, frequency balance, and early-to-reverberant sound ratios. 

Sound Isolation:
We recommend materials and methods to prevent sound transmission through adjacent spaces and to exclude environmental noise (from transit systems, aircraft, factories, etc.).

Noise and Vibration Control:

We offer design guidelines and recommendations in the methods of controlling airborne noise, structure-borne noise and vibration from mechanical and electrical equipment and HVAC systems.

The firm has un-paralleled success with regard to sound reinforcement quality within reverberant spaces. Our single point of responsibility for both electronic sound reinforcement and architectural acoustics can be significantly important to performing arts facility design, as well as other projects where intelligibility and fidelity are fundamentally important to the success of the project.
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