About Marshall/KMK Acoustics, Ltd.
We have been providing acoustical consulting and technology design services to architects, engineers and facility owners since 1971. Our projects and clients include world class performing arts facilities, institutions of learning, casino hotels, corporate headquarters, house of worship and music technology facilities. The firm has completed more than 2,000 successful projects, including multi-purpose auditoriums, theaters, recital halls, houses of worship, legislative chambers, ballrooms, conference centers, airports, coliseums and stadiums in this country and abroad.

The company is a direct descendant of the Cambridge consulting community from where acoustical and  technology consulting began. For specific reasons that are beyond the scope of this web-page, and to some extent based on the influence of  a few individuals who happened to have doctorates in acoustics; sound system, video system, control system and similar media consulting as a legitimate business model, effectively began in the mid 20th century as a subset to several nationally recognized acoustical consulting firms.   Although some have mistakenly claimed to have “invented the internet”, those who know the true history of the development of the internet, know that the concept of what we now know as the world wide web, was first introduced by Bolt Beranek and Newman, a Cambridge Massachusetts consulting firm first known for acoustical consulting.

L. Gerald Marshall, Fellow of the Acoustic Society of America and a founding active member of the firm, began his career in the Cambridge consulting community of the 1960’s.  Mr. Marshall and the firm have been applying professional consulting services within the original Cambridge consulting model for forty years with consistent performance success.  “Absolutely remarkable acoustics”, “Acoustically superb” are two accolades that have been quoted for our recent recital hall project shown on this page. What the photo does not show is a significant technology package that includes a complete large screen digital projection system, a concert sound system, a professional quality surround sound system, HD video capture systems and master quality recording systems neatly tucked within this visually magnificent facility.

Our early technology projects were effectively limited to large scale sound system designs implemented in close coordination with our acoustical consulting efforts. As technology progressed since the founding of the firm, the company’s technology design responsibilities have routinely expanded to include a wide range of low voltage systems and services including video systems, control systems, IT Infrastructure, Voice and Data systems design. 

Well prepared written communications and proven design documentation methodologies including drawings, reports, estimates and outlines are the foundation of our service offerings.  

All projects are managed with principal attention, professional respect and a goal of complete, mutual success regardless of project size, scope or difficulty.
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